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Friday, October 30, 2009

Rossos - Live In Kiruna [Demo] (1982)

Anonymous said...

been looking for this for a while, cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hello!Where have you found that recording?
I am a former member of Rossos and i have allmost forgot that recording. It takes me back nice.

Strappado said...

Wow cool to hear from a member of Rossos! We'll I trade the rip with some guy over e-mail, don't have the original to bad.

Det är inte så att du har något matrial liggandes någonstans med Rossos? Videoinspelningar / Demos / Rehersals?

Kul att du hörde av dig / Emil

Anonymous said...

There is some of different quality. I can speak wiyh the other guys about them but I can not promise anything.

Strappado said...

That would be awesome! Just write to my mail: if you happend to find anything.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes!!! More Rossos! Please!

I recorded this from the radio when it was broadcasted, listened to it 1000 of times, literally! But I've lost the tape since a couple of years, you have no idea how happy I was finding it on YT!
Now if I could get more Rossos... don't know if I would survive that. But at least I'd die a happy man!

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