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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hatred - The Forthcoming Fall [Demo] (1990)

snuppen82 said...

You are the King among Kings!
Thanx a fukkin' lot for this one!
Had it on cassette a long time ago, but it vanished when moving to a new apartement.
Thanx again!

Linkzilla said...

Nice thanks !!

Strappado said...

Your welcome snuppen! I love Hatred! I'll hope there will be some CD compilation out with their recorded material sometime.

Huppen said...

Actually, my nickname is Huppen, missed to change identity when writing comment :)
But anyways, like I said, i'm utterly greatful for the upload, now I really have something to listen to while trying to get my son to sleep :)
One of my top ten musical wishes is that Hatred would reunite and re-record all their old stuff. I would soil my self if they would :)
Well, thats all for now, hälsningar från Gävle.

Anonymous said...

Hellow, the link is death, please reup the demo, is very dificult to find.

César Monterroso said...

Dead link, please re up, is a very extraordinary demo, the best of all of this band.

Thanx a lot, great work

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