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Friday, October 1, 2010

Troubled Horse - Live at Roadburn 04/15-2010

Anonymous said...

I think it's the wrong link. It's the link of the 7"

Strappado said...

Yeah your'e right, sorry for that. Try it now

Danny said...

Thanks a lot!
Don't know them, but I'm really curious!
I'm a big fan of Witchcraft, Graveyard, Horisont, Brutus, ...


Strappado said...

Youre welcome mate, yeah if you like Witchcraft you will love this. I recommend you to also grab their single if you haven't already!

Anonymous said...

did not know of this band. Thanks man.

theSavageHippie said...

The tracklist is:
1. Intro
2. Unknown Track*
3. Sum of All Your Fears
4. Unknown Track**
5. Tainted Water
6. Unknown Track***
7. Sleep In Your Head
8. Shirleen
9. Unknown Track****
10. Bring My Horses Home
11. Weep Not Child*****
12. I've Been Losing

*this track is called: Another Man's Name

**this track is called: Shifter

***this track is called: Don't Lie

****this could be Make Ammends, but I don't know.

*****This song is called "Weep NOT Child" not "Weep My Child"

Nice upload. It's a shame that the vocals are so low. If they were louder it would be a great bootleg

the Savage Hippie said...

Just saw a mistake in my previous post.

***this could be Make Ammends, but I don't know.

****this track is called: Don't Lie

I had confused those two tracks with each other..

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